Take Action!

Talking about Sexual Violence is an important step! It breaks the stigma and the shame. It lets people know that they aren’t alone. It might help someone know they can get help. But it is the first step. There are other steps you can to take action against sexual violence – click the link below to sign the pledge! You will have an opportunity to submit a picture of you taking that action to have on our website if you choose to.

Ideas for pledge:

I pledge to be aware of my behavior around individuals who are alone at night so I don’t make them nervous

I pledge to shut down any and all rape jokes I hear

I pledge to be a non-judgemental listener when a survivor tells me their story

I pledge to hold my friends accountable for being allies.

Take a picture of yourself having a conversation with males (sons, friends) about the dangers of rape culture.

Take a picture of educating yourself researching how to be an ally

Donate to a shelter

Share on social media how to support survivors after a sexual assault
Patronize local businesses that donate proceeds to support survivors or business that sell products related to advocacy and support.

Take Action Against Sexual Violence Pledge

Men’s Pledge

During our rally, we ask Men to join together to sign the a pledge to take a stand against sexual violence. With the rally being streamed, we wanted to allow folks the opportunity to sign that pledge virtually. After the rally, we will put the names up on our website along with the signature board from the in-person portion of the rally. Here is the wording of the pledge:

The pledge that we ask you to sign reads:

·         I understand . . . that men must play a critical role in breaking the cycle of violence

·         I understand . . . that what I do and say can either encourage or discourage stereotypes that can lead to sexual assault and domestic violence

·         I understand . . .  that it is my duty to speak out about sexist values, attitudes, and beliefs; therefore, I will challenge inappropriate remarks, jokes, and stories.

·         I understand . . . that men also suffer from the destructive effects of patriarchy and violence

·         I understand . . . that this fight is not blindly blaming men for the violence that exists in society, but instead, this fight is asking men to speak up and become part of the solution.

Sign the Men’s Pledge