Speak Out

Sharing with Survivors Speak Out

March 21, 2021
7:00 pm

We are no longer taking sign up for the Speak Out – If you signed up and did not received the link, please email us at info@tbtnannarbor.org

This year the annual Sharing with Survivors Speak Out will be held virtually over Zoom. Please read below – Link to more info is at bottom.

USAR/STARS recognizes that this is not the ideal way to host a speak out. We wish we could host our Speak Out in person as we usually do, but due to COVID-19, that unfortunately isn’t possible this year.

Actions we are taking to ensure the security and safety of the call:

  • We will send out the Zoom link to only those who have filled out the online RSVP form below – you must fill out the form if you would like to join 
  • The zoom will require a password to enter, which will be given to you, along with the zoom link, when you sign up 
  • You will first enter a waiting room, to make sure everyone joining has signed up. A host will let you in (You can also change your name to remain anonymous during this time, and turn off your camera, so no one will have any time where they might see your name or face if you do not want that)

Ground Rules

  1. If you have access to headphones, we ask that you please wear them to ensure confidentiality to the people who are sharing.
  1. Chats will be disabled – you are only able to message the hosts 
  1. If you would like to share your story but do not feel comfortable, you can write out what you would like to share and give it to a volunteer who will share it for you, confidentially.
  1. Zoom hosts have the ability to remove anyone from the call if we feel you are violating these rules or making the space unsafe in any way. 
    1. There will be multiple co hosts monitoring the call who will have this ability

By signing up, you agree to these rules and promise to be respectful throughout the entirety of the Speak Out. Remember, this can be a scary and challenging experience, and we are doing everything in our power to make this experience safe and welcoming for everyone. Thank you!

In order to keep this a safe space for survivors, no media is allowed.   Also, due to the new rules in Title IX where University employees are required to report an assaults that occur on campus, we ask that University employees not attend.    If you are a student and a University employee, please attend as a student.   Thank you for your consideration.