Sharing your story of sexual violence is a very powerful experience.  It lifts the burden of carrying a secret, it creates awareness about sexual assault, it helps others who read it to know they are not alone, and it tells the world you have survived and are continuing to move forward.




Sharing your thoughts about this terrible crime is also healing and can help to change people’s perceptions.  You may not have been directly assaulted, but it could have happen to someone you know, or you are just angry about how society deals with those who have been assaulted or how little is done to those who perpetrate this violence.

We have created a safe space for you to share your story or your thoughts.   You can send it to us anonymously or include your name or even your email if you are comfortable with that.  With your permission, we may use your submission  at one of our events, either in written or read out loud.  Please know we will never disclose any of your information without your consent.   If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@tbtnannarbor.org.

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Please note:  Sometimes, reading about sexual may be triggering for people who have been traumatized, especially by sexual assault.  If you need help, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-856-HOPE or go to www.rainn.org.

All submissions are reviewed before being posted.  They are written by those submitted and do not necessarily express the opinion of Michigan Takes Back the Night, Take Back the Night, University Students Against Rape, or the University of Michigan.